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SMB-Berlin Events GmbH
Budapester Str. 43 • 10787 Berlin • Germany


Phone: +49 30 893 98 213‬


CEO/Geschäftsführer: Stephan Müller-Bardone


Amtsgericht Charlottenburg • HRB 127008
Sitz der Gesellschaft ist Berlin


VAT ID: DE271453804

SMB-Berlin Events GmbH

Since 2004, we combined all of our ideas, concepts, efforts, event organisation and management in the label SMB Berlin, an independent, autonomous business synergistically working in a network alongside with other similar businesses in the field of adult entertainment, combining and using altogether the entire strength, force and all joint resources to obtain the mentioned, set goals. We work especially with those event managing businesses in the branch of adult themed entertainment which are in the position of planning, organising, and executing such distinctive adult themed party events. The proprietor, Sascha Müller Bardone, active in Berlin’s nightlife for many years and personally attached to this city, very

quickly discovered in those days that a pulsating metropolis such as in the case of Berlin, where people of different personalities, lifestyles, interests and sexual preferences live, did not have a supply, -well actually none at all-, on such adult entertaining parties and events, a supply which could make advantageous usage of the very special, unlimited possibilities the metropolis of Berlin has to offer and meet the demand of its inhabitants, of what they are really looking for. This insight observation of his led to the following, derived conclusion: the idea of event organization of adult themed parties was born to especially fulfil the needs and wants of people leading a hedonic lifestyle, i.e. a lifestyle fully led in the pursuit of, desire for and devotion to pure pleasure.
Supplying such an offer to the very basic need of this target group highly required and cost lots of courage and immense, constant struggling on a battlefield of nerves with a conservative surrounding environment. SMB Berlin had to assertively impose his strong will in combating not only the arbitrary decisions and actions of the local red tape, bureaucratic administration, but as well those arbitrary actions of (and verbal confrontation with) sometimes an army of conservative two faced moralists of hypocrites conducting themselves with no utter decorum, none whatsoever. However, our own founded belief in true personal freedom and self choice in the unfolding and self development of one’s own sexuality to his/her utmost maximum provided us with enough needed strength to carry on and combat all of this
sheer absurd nonsense. The struggle, and hence, visible success up until this very day was worth every effort of it. In the past couple of years, we were able to establish ourselves as a bona fide, reliable business in the adult entertainment industry of event organization with a firm foothold in the party scene, covering and therefore supplying an offer to a very special area of interest, which was completely neglected in all of these years. Furthermore, we would like to point out to you the fact that tremendous success with all of our event organization projects is highly noticeable to and appreciated by all of our most satisfied and gratified clientele and other business associates. We have very valuable, reliable contacts to other international businesses in the adult entertainment industry at
our disposal, which immediately grants us direct access to all other relevant top organizations, clubs and parties, making it obviously very easy to our customers, with our help, to employ all possible means to convert their party concepts into practical effect and to achieve the highest outcome, a very most successful, and thus rewarding adult themed superlative event. Our constant self identification to our own product, i.e. to our own developed party events just happens to be the reason for which we were AND still are highly successful. Hence, a great portion of passion and joy to a very high extent is an especially essential ingredient into developing exceptional, sensational, unforgettable adult themed party events. Our range of services include not only the successful implementation of party event ideas,
but as well the entire organization. Planning, organization, marketing, advertising even the very complete and final implementation of adult themed events, last but not least, inclusive of the vast range on services, we offer an extensive and comprehensive spectrum of custom-tailored services which fully guarantees our customers and us that all provided services are always performed by highly proficient and practically experienced individuals and businesses in an professional manner. That, as well, is not the last, only reason for our success. Should you yourself have a party concept for an adult themed party event of any sort, or should you be planning to organise such a special event, all justifiable reasons which warrant communicating directly to us, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We take great pleasure in professionally consulting you with a vast range of possibilities, converting your party ideas into a unique evening of its own, into a surpassing, extraordinary adult party with great recreational fun, and serving you with all of our resources by making full usage of our extensive experience and our own creative ideas.


Your reliable and bona fide business associate for any kind of very special adult themed party events

SMB-Berlin Events GmbH


Our business philosophy in our field of work i.e. our entire, undivided attention is focused and concentrated upon the following, three main components:

(01) the professional, conceptual formation of an adult themed party idea,

(02) detailed, systematic planning,

(03) last but not least, the actual implementation of exciting, eventful soirées for active, consenting clubbers.

It is always our set goal to create an extraordinary, sensual venue in order to convert the wildest, erotic adult fantasies of any target group into reality. By doing so, we pay especial attention to and make sure that our adult themed party concepts can factually be converted into reality, as well as to fulfill the manifold of needs and wants of each and every customer and/or party guest more than just to their utmost satisfaction. Alongside developing complete adult themed party events, even starting from scratch, i.e. basic ideas, we also offer our customers a complete range of other coinciding services, such as the preparation, marketing, advertisement, as well as the successful implementation, all of which correspond to the needs of all such organized events.
Over the years, we have acquired practical experience and skills on an international scale, ergo, the very best bona fide business credentials in the field of adult themed party organization/implementation, not only by conceiving and organizing smaller intimate events, but including, as well, internationally re known gatherings such as the HustlaBall where more than thousands of clubbers from all corners of the world come to Berlin to indulge themselves over a period of a couple of days of festivities.

It is a fundamental principle of ours to transform each and every kind of party fantasy idea and desire into a unique, eventful, erotic experience, which is in its own fashion more than just out of the ordinary, outstandingly distinctive.

Do confide in us and our extensive, long year, international experience, SMB Berlin Events GmbH, your business partner for adult themed party events.
HustlaBall Berlin

The HustlaBall Berlin is the most magnificent, large scale international event, the superlative among all; we were in the position of successfully establishing, setting up and marketing over the past few years.

Owing to a consequential integration of the original concept into the European market, as well as to the many advantages of local location possibilities here in Germany, we successfully attracted thousands of international party guests from all over the world to come to and party in Berlin. Though, in fact, the HustlaBall can be described in words, one just simply has to experience this unique, superb ambience of sheer eroticism, pure sensual recreational fun,

sexual freedom of choice among consenting clubbers, open mindedness and mutual respect towards one another. There is no such other existing event where one can so distinctively feel what it really is like to live and to love freely, without having to experience sexual discrimination and prejudice from biased moralizing hypocrites or having to sense feelings of shameful embarrassment.

It is a known fact and the undeniable reason for which many party guests from the other side of this very planet are magnetically attracted to Berlin’s annually held HustlaBall, in order to just feel and experience this sexually open minded, permissive party ambience.

The HustlaBall Berlin correlates fully with our wishes and goals to conceive, to coordinate and to produce highly challenging adult themed party events in such a magnitude, on a large, international scale, and above all, to gather an international jet-set of people together from all corners of the world, providing adult themed pleasure over a period of a couple of days, where they can indulge themselves into their own interests, likings and preferences. For more information click the link.


(Mare fuck market for stallions/Equestrian Horse Fair Event for Adults)

The Horse Fair – the unique party experience

The actual party concept is based upon fulfilling the real, basic needs of party males in the utmost positive, imaginable sense. Our developed and implemented party idea quickly grew into one of the most successful and popular adult themed parties in all of Germany, well known abroad as well, where one can escape all indoctrinating dogmatism set by a moralist society, going back to the genuine, basic rudiments of life, i.e. feeling and experiencing what one really is.

This party event, originally conceived for consenting adult men among one another, became so popular in such a short period of time that we still do receive lots of inquiries from other interested party event organizers and promoters of heterosexual events. Undeniably, there are many heterosexuals who would like to freely live out and experience their sexuality to the utmost as well, give themselves over to their wildest erotic fantasies and dreams. At the moment, we are in the process of considering possibilities of offering this heterosexual target group a horse fair of its own.

There are four horse fairs only for consenting adult males, currently held in the cities of Berlin, Hamburg, Mannheim, Leipzig, Cologne and Amsterdam.

We pride ourselves upon the fact that this smaller and actually very simple party concept managed to find such an immense success and enthusiastically popularity loudly acclaimed among the general adult-male public, . -within an extremely short period of time- which is more than enough proof to us that our developed and implemented, ad hoc party concepts always widely and rapidly flourishes by means of providing an essential availability, and consequently, fully satisfying the basic necessities of all male adult, erotic desires, i.e. precisely, to live, love and sensually enjoy and experience one’s self to an utmost, beyond all set bounds.

For more information, please click the link:

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